A Dream for Himachali Cinema

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A cinema in our hill state Himachal is very much required for the development of Himachali language, culture and society. We have dreamt for the cinema in this state and are working for the same. The project which we have started, known as ‘Saanjh’ will make a mark in the industry of Himachali Cinema one day and this project will provide an identity for cinema in this region. Our dream is to take this project to the world audience so that this film can inspire more and more filmmakers within the state or outside it to produce films in the Himachali language in the future.

To give a fresh start to a meaningful cinema in the state, we have opted for a script which will be compared to art cinema. The treatment of the film will be somewhere close to art cinema but in the same time, we are also looking forward to take this film to the mainstream cinema in the country. As per our knowledge and experience, we are working hard on this script to produce a quality feature film.

Hopefully Saanjh film will get the recognition one day and we will be able to multiply this dream and inspire more people to join the hands for the support and development of cinema in Himachal Pradesh.

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