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In 2014, producer-director Ajay K Saklani started Silent Hills Studio, a film production house which aimed at the development of Himachali Cinema. In 2016, Silent Hills Studio produced Saklani’s debut feature film Saanjh, the first full length feature film in Himachali dialect.
Silent Hills Studio was later renamed as Enoxx Entertainment in 2020 to expand its regional appeal and cater to pan-Indian and international audience.
Enoxx Entertainment intends to carry forward the vision of Silent Hills Studio in continually working towards promoting Himachali artists and the culture of the state through Feature Films, Short Films, Music Videos and YouTube series. We have already provided a platform to many Himachali artists and crew members. With a focus to develop the cinematic environment in the state, Enoxx Entertainment has provided opportunities for many students to attend internship programmes with the organisation.
Enoxx Entertainment is now coming up with its first feature film in Hindi Language which promotes the trekking routes of Himachal Pradesh.
Producer | Director

Ajay K Saklani is an Independent filmmaker from Himachal Pradesh, India, who has been working in Film and TV Productions for more than 16 years and has worked as an editor, cinematographer and director with many prestigious TV channels and production houses. He is known for his debut feature film Saanjh which was screened in various film festivals across the world. Saanjh won the ‘Best Feature Film’ award at Borrego Springs Film Festival 2017 and ‘The Award of Merit’ in Accolade Global Film Competition 2016. The film was also screened in Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival (2017) and Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival (2017). Later on the film was released in cinema halls across India on 14 April 2017 in Himachali dialect, also dubbed in Hindi. Saanjh was the first film in Himachali dialect to be released in cinema halls and was amongst the 22 feature films of 2017 which were listed in the tender for film acquisition by the Ministry of External Affairs, India.
Ajay Saklani was awarded the Himachal Excellence Award (2016) and Himachal Award of Excellence in Cinema (2018).
Filmmaker Director Ajay K Saklani