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Completed Saanjh Film, A Debut Film for All

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Yes after a long struggle of one and a half year, we completed the Saanjh film project today. As mention in the heading of this news, Saanjh film is a debut for all. This is the first feature film of director Ajay K Saklani and the first feature film of our production under the name of Silent Hills Studio. Saanjh is the first feature film from Himachal as well so it can be called a debut for Himachal also.

The famous singer Mohit Chauhan have dubbed two songs titled ‘Puchhe Amma’ and ‘Deva Mere’ for this film. This is the first timeMohit Chauhan have sung for any Himachali Language film so this is a debut for him as well. The melodious music of Saanjh, which we are sure the audience will love too is the debut of Gaurav Guleria, the music director of this film. This is the debut film for almost all cast & crew as well.

Most of the team members of Saanjh film had never seen any film shooting in their lifetime. We had a young team of an average age of 22 years and the entire team was very enthusiastic and full of energy. Saanjh is the first film for all of us and for all the audience. So finally on the completion of this film, we congratulate the entire team of Saanjh and all our supporters and well wishers. Soon we will beginning the festival submissions fir the film and we hope this will go to places.

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