Film Director Ajay Saklani

Do you have a script and some budget? Come we will produce your film

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We have many ideas which we visualize everyday in our life. Sometimes we write those ideas and plan to make films on them. But the budget is the main concern when it comes to making a film. If you are one such film enthusiast and looking forward to make your film, you can contact us. We will help you in producing your film. Please go through the following questions and see if you are eligible for this or not?

What should you have to partner with us for your film.

  • A script, could be rough or well drafted. If not well drafted don’t worry we can help you in that too.
  • Some budget, it could be 25%, 50% or whatever. We can discuss about it. And if you have not analyzed the budget for your film but you have any sponsor or thinking of self sponsored project, we can analyze it for you can move further.
  • A team, which we already have and you may not require to hire anyone else. But if you already have a team to work with you that can be wonderful.
  • So that are you thinking? If you are ready then contact us.

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