Googly Gumm Hai

Hindi feature film ‘Googly Gumm Hai’ released on ShemarooMe

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We are glad to announce that our second feature film ‘Googly Gumm Hai’ featuring Raksha Kumawat, Mridul Raj Anand, Mohit Mattoo and Mukesh Lakhta is now available on ShemarooMe, Airtel Xtreme and Vi Movies & TV. The film has been produced & directed by Ajay K Saklani and produced under the banner of Enoxx Entertainment. Besides this Ajay Saklani is the writer and editor of the film as well.

Logline: The call for some fun and adventure brings a couple to Dharamshala, a small hill-station nestled in the Himalayas. However, an ominous twist of fate puts everything at stake when they decide to go trekking to a deserted mountain peak.

The Story

Googly, a carefree young woman and her lover, Shorya, take a romantic trip to Dharamshala. At the airport they are received by their tour-guide, Ranga, who appears to be somewhat disturbed upon hearing Googly’s name. An incomprehensible sadness betrays Ranga’s cool demeanor. Googly is awestruck by the beauty of sunset amidst the snow-capped mountains and is inspired to go hiking.

Shorya, though initially reluctant, finally yields. They set out on their trek and the appalling beauty of the mountains overwhelms them. In a moment of romantic fervour, Shorya slips and falls off the cliff and gets stuck on a crest at the edge of a steep fall. Hereafter, the movie follows Googly and Ranga on their individual rescue missions– Googly’s to save Shorya and Ranga’s to find Googly. And amidst all this, flitting on and off the screen, is a ghastly figure in the cave whom Shorya dismisses as a figment of his own imagination—a man who eerily whispers into the ears of an exhausted Shorya:
“What’s real and what’s an illusion- how can you tell them apart?” (“Kya real hai, kya wehem, yeh pataa kaise chalta hai?”).

Mohit Chauhan, known as the ‘King of Romance’ has rendered his voice to the songs of this movie adding to it a surreal feel of love. The combination of his melodious voice and picturesque locations is sure to make movie goers skip a beat. Audience will also get a chance to hear Shilpa Surroch in one of the song Aazadiyaan in duet with Mohit Chauhan which is written by Raman Raghuvanshi. Shilpa Surroch have also written the lyrics of the other track called Ojhal. The music is composed by Sukumar Dutta and the background score which adds an impact to the film is composed by Abhilash Lakra.

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